Skoči na glavno vsebino

When you want to connect your organisation’s local area network to the ARNES network.

Connection technologies

  • Optical fibres – optimal solution
  • ADSL and xDSL – for lower speeds and more remote organisations
  • Wireless technologies – for individual cases

Additional services

Numerous additional services are available when you connect your local area network to the ARNES network.

Not familiar with the technology and need help to find the right solution?

We guide organisations in choosing technologies, communications with providers and advise on equipment purchases. Further information on optical technologies, xDSL and other technologies…

Do you need public IP addresses?

We register public IP-address space of the required size for organisations. 

What about equipment?

We advise on the selection of suitable equipment.

Who will set up the router?

On connection, we set up the router.

What else can you do to increase the security of a local area network?

Depending on the requirements of the organisation and in line with good practice, we set up security functions on the router to protect the network. 

Not satisfied with the transmission of pictures and audio on the Internet?

If you use applications that need guaranteed data flows, the required speed is ensured through router settings.

Have problems with Internet connection?

If you have problems with your Internet connection, we take over communication with the connection provider and ensure that any problems are resolved as quickly as possible.


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