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High-quality videoconferences (H.323)

High-quality videoconferences are mainly aimed at organisations that have dedicated room videoconferencing systems (e.g. LifeSize, Tandberg, Polycom, Aethra, VCON, Sony, UnifyHuawei, VTEL etc.). Videoconferences are implemented on ARNES’ MCU multi-point videoconferencing server using the H.323, H.320 or SIP standards, and are not compatible with the web conferencing system on the VOX server. The MCU server also enables videoconferences to be used by organisations that only use web cameras for videoconferencing.

The MCU server enables multi-point videoconferences, in which multiple users can talk to and see each other at the same time. Users may be allocated to different videoconferencing rooms (videoconferences), and in addition to audio and video transmission, users can also monitor perfect images of the speaker’s computer desktop – e.g. PowerPoint presentations, speaker’s web browser and other applications.

ARNES has offered comprehensive support for videoconferencing since 2003, including:

  • Including organisations’ H.323 videoconferencing systems in the GDS (Global Dialing Scheme) international videoconferencing dialling network under the “00386” prefix
  • Providing an open gatekeeper H.323 server for access to the GDS network for mobile, temporary and foreign users
  • Providing multi-point videoconferences using H.323 and SIP standards on the MCU server
  • Access to multi-point videoconferences on the MCU server using the H.320 standard from fixed (ISDN, PSTN) and mobile (GSM, UMTS) public telephone networks
  • Support for standard H.239 for simultaneous perfect display of a second video channel (display of computer desktop)
  • Offering live viewing of multi-point videoconferences on websites using streaming video (VCRserver) technology
  • Publishing recordings of videoconferences on video on demand websites in the Arnes video archive

For streaming video, audio and video is only transmitted to viewers (passive viewing); consequently, an average personal computer with web browser is sufficient for viewing videoconferences.


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