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ARNES’ multimedia communications services enable users in the education and research sectors to use information-communications technology for audio, video and computer communications in real time in many different ways.

With just an ordinary personal computer, speakers and an Internet connection, users can participate in videoconferences using a web browser. If you also want to talk, you just need a microphone; if you also want to send your own videos, all you need is a cheap webcam (which usually have built-in microphones). No additional equipment is needed. As well as audio and video communication, you can also display your own computer desktop to other videoconference participants, use text-based chatrooms and much more.

Events, talks and the like where numerous people are gathered in a single location or where we want to record a wider area than just a single person speaking, are usually too difficult to capture properly with a simple webcam, as USB cameras are too weak and clumsy to be used in this way. In such cases, videoconferences can also use portable cameras (camcorders), that have better lenses and optical zoom, and that can be used in this way.

When we want to use videoconferencing technology as a substitute as far as possible for live meetings, with videoconferencing creating the most realistic sense of presence in remote locations, we use high-quality and powerful equipment that can transmit audio comparable in quality to CD and video up to FullHD (Full High Definition 1080p) in quality, best known from high-definition television (HDTV).

All videoconference events can also be automatically recorded on ARNES’ servers. Equipment can also be used to transmit video of various events live via websites, e.g. important talks, public openings, awards ceremonies etc.

Multimedia communications services also allow us to be more environmentally responsible if we use them as tools for educational and research meetings – we save both time and money, and reduce CO2 emissions thanks to virtual travel.


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