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VOX web conferences

ARNES’ VOX web conferences are aimed at organisations that do not have videoconferencing equipment and that have lesser audio/video requirements. Web conferences take place entirely within a web page via ARNES’ web server.

Web conferences (webconferencing) enable very simple and user-friendly videoconferencing communication with multiple simultaneous users using average computers with speakers and a web browser. If you want to speak, you also need a microphone, while to send your own video, you also need a cheap web camera (which usually have built-in microphones). No other equipment is needed. Arnes’ web conferencing system enables:

  • Exchange of live images (video) and sound (audio) from one or more users at a time
  • Display of your own computer desktop and applications to other web conference participants
  • Remote operation of applications and desktops
  • Chatrooms (text)
  • Option to record, annotate and vote
  • File exchange
  • Display of any document that can be displayed on the user’s computer
  • Display of presentations, videos or applications in full-screen mode 
  • Recording of the whole web conference event, and viewing of recordings

See a presentation of VOX web conferences

VOX web conference portal

ARNES web conferences are accessible by organisers of web conferencing events using the single login system for the Slovenian education and research federation, ArnesAAI. Ordinary participants can connect to the web conference as guests without passwords if the organiser opts to allow them to do so.

The portal enables conferences, recordings and contents to be arranged. Three sections are available: contents, conferences and administration. Each teacher has their own folder on the portal with their content and conferences, where they can create conferences and upload contents and presentations.


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