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Wireless educational network – eduroam

The eduroam (education roaming) service provides its users with secure and simple access to the (wireless) network of their own organisation and hosting in networks of other institutions included in the Eduroam network. This way a user in Ljubljana can access the protected Eduroam network in Maribor or Koper (or any other Eduroam network at home and abroad) transparently and free of charge with the same username and password as is used to access the ‘home’ Eduroam network.The network is designed to assure the institution and its hosted users the maximum amount of security since all eavesdropping and presentation of false identity is prevented. Based on its policies an institution can also allow its users access other network sources (common applications, databases) through the same system of authentication. This way administration of access to the network and applications is reduced and the mobility of the users is increased which is becoming a main requirement in international research and educational circles. The networks are also a part of the system of Eduroam hosting and that is why Slovene users can visit foreign educational and research institutions. More on wireless networks…

A user entitled to access the Eduroam’s secure network is assigned a user account by his or her home organisation. To establish a connection one needs a mobile device and specific software that must be adequately configured. Any complications with establishing connection and other technicalities should be dealt with a home organisation.

Simply put: how can Eduroam help me as a user? Lets point out just one thing – safe, reliable and quality internet access when roaming. For instance whenever I am a guest of an organisation included in the Eduroam network, I don’t have to bother the host for additional usernames and passwords, codes, addresses, configuration parameters, administrative procedures etc., to be able to use their local network for internet access. As soon as I open my laptop their ‘virtual guard’ will check my rights and data at my home organisation and acquire all the necessary information to recognize me and provide me with safe access to their wireless network and the internet. This is just one and at the moment the most obvious advantage. But there are more…


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