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ARNES at the 10th International SIRikt Conference, 2016

Wednesday, 28. 9. 2016 14:49

Arnes_SIRiktThe SIRikt Conference is the biggest educational event in Slovenia and will take place in Kranjska Gora on 6–7 October. Conference participants will also be able to listen to presentations on the use of ARNES services.

SIRikt’s 10 for learning

The title of this year’s conference is “SIRikt’s 10 for learning”, underlining its jubilee character. In the Plenaries section, which goes under the slogan “Let learning happen!”, Tomi Dolenc will look back at ten years of SIRikt and, before that, ten years of MIRK, and also to the future, more precisely to the year 2020, with a lecture entitled “ARNES in schools, for schools and/or Who am I on the web?”

In the thematic section on Open Learning (#PechaKucha), Maja Vreča will talk about the boom in free, open online courses and about ARNES’s course on the safe use of the internet and devices, which lays down guidelines on how to become a competent “e-citizen” and covers the entire field of digital security.

It can sometimes feel as though the internet is outrunning us, particularly if we take a quick look at the statistics of the national response centre for network security incidents SI-CERT. Marta Štefanič, a collaborator on the Safe internet programme, offers an interesting talk on online fraud, its specific characteristics and the boom in such incidents in 2015.

Martin Božič will present a new ARNES service that allows new and more advanced ways of using the Moodle online learning platform.

Janko Harej and Roman Čuk are preparing a talk on “A new bike in every school”, a project we first heard about during the past school year when the Kolesar (Cyclist) information system was introduced in all elementary schools.

In the Creating for Learning section (#creative), Maja Vičič Krabonja and Simon Dražič will talk about videos, which are becoming the principal learning resource for millennials, and about why the ARNES Video portal is aimed at education and research.

Teachers, university professors and researchers share their experiences

At the 10th International SIRikt Conference (SIRikt = Enabling Education and Research with ICT), teachers, head teachers, university professors, researchers, students and a wide range of experts from the field of education and other sciences will come together once again and share their experiences of using ICT.



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