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Instructions for Sony Ericsson – P1i

We have tested the connection on the Sony Ericsson P1i mobile phone, which was lent to us by the company Svema d.o.o.

Language on the snapshots is Slovene.

Phone: CXC 162037 R9J005
Bluetooth: CXC 162143 R1D
Organiser: CXC 162108 R6F41
CDA: CDA 162022/1 R6F38

The data used in the example below is fictional, so replace it with your own during the installation process. 

After a successful connection of the phone and your personal computer (using USB cable), download the certificate of your home organisation to the phone device. Then find the file containing this certificate (in Filemanager) .

Open the file by clicking the  Ogled (Select) button.

Check the content and then add the certificate by clicking the Dodaj (Add) button .

Check if your certificate was successfully installed by opening the Main menu and selecting Control Panel .

Choose Security and click on the Odpri (Open) button.

Choose Certificate manager and click on the Odpri (Open) button.

Choose the CA tab and check if your certificate is listed. Finish the installation process of your certificate by clicking the Končano (Done) button. Continue with establishing the connection.

Click on the status bar icon (), choose Connections and WLAN.

Click on theIskanje (Scan) button, when the available networks are listed, choose Eduroam and click on the Poveži (Connect) button.

Click the Da (Yes) button.

For Security choose WPA Enterprise and click the Naprej (Next) button.

 Here choose the following settings: TKIPEAP-TTLS and  PAP. Continue by clicking the Naprej (Next) button.

 In the Username field write your username (left side of @) and the domain of your home organisation (right side of @). Tick  Use static password and write your password to the Password field. Continue by clicking the Naprej (Next) button.

Click on the Shrani (Save) button.

You have finished setting up your connection. You can establish a connection by clicking the Poveži (Connect) button.

Establishing your connection is in process.

The connection is successfully established, when the  icon is shown in the status bar. You can try your connection by searching a website in your browser.


  +386 1 479 88 00
(working days, 8 AM–4 PM)